Garden Rules

Greenbelt Community Garden Club Rules

One of the great advantages of having a plot in a community garden, is the camaraderie and friendships that develop between plot holders.  But whether you garden for solace or to interact with others, the GCGC has a few rules that everyone needs to follow to keep our organization running smoothly.

Garden Protocols:  Failure to follow these protocols could result in the forfeiture of the plot, and may jeopardize the use of the garden areas for all.

  1. The majority of the plot must be tended during the growing season.
  2. All fences constructed are to be maintained and free from vegetation unless agreed upon by the neighbor gardener.  The pathways between gardens will not be blocked or obstructed.  All fences are to be constructed of non-permanent material (no footers).  Any existing paths between gardens will not be obstructed.
  3. Weeds must be under control (mowed, mulched or pulled before setting seed). Poison ivy must be removed. 
  4. All plant refuse (weeds, dead plants, etc.) are to be composted within each gardener’s plot, or hauled away for city yard waste pick-up.  In no case, is plant waste to be discarded in the surrounding woods or at the woods edge.  Discarding plant material in or next to the woodland is a violation of the Forest Preserve management and maintenance guidelines.  Food waste will not be brought to the garden for composting. 
  5. Non-permanent structures may be built for tool storage, rain collecting and plant growing but must have prior approval by the garden coordinator.
  6. Gardens are for personal use only. 
  7. Garden plots will only be assigned to residents of the City of Greenbelt. 
  8. No materials may be kept in the garden that are not for use in the garden. 
  9. The GCGC will abide by the current tenets of Integrated Pest Management and defer to the guidelines of the City of Greenbelt Sustainable Land Care Policy when addressing issues of pest and vermin control.

Except in unusual circumstances, there will be at least one garden clean-up event scheduled each year (usually in the spring) and all members with plots are asked to remove all unwanted refuse from their plot and pile it in designated areas for pick-up by the city of Greenbelt.

Failure to properly use, care for, and maintain a garden plot may result in the forfeiture of that plot.  If a plot is not being used, or the protocols above are not followed, the Garden Coordinator will contact the member to develop a plan of action.  If the member does not respond in 30 days or if there is no evidence of significant progress implementing the agreed upon plan, the situation will be reviewed by the Executive Board.  The member will have the right to present their case to the Board.  If the Executive Board decides that the plot is not being used appropriately, the plot may be reassigned and the member must remove all personal property from the plot.  Plot fees will not be refunded.  The member who forfeits their plot may request to be placed on the waiting list for an available plot in the next season. 

As a community organization we are grateful to the city of Greenbelt. Please remember to respect your fellow gardeners and the natural environment around you.  The garden plots are not available for organizations and are for personal use only.  Plot holders may not use their plots for commercial or for profit ventures.