Accepting Plots and Wait List Procedures


Once informed that a garden plot is available, applicants are encouraged to respond within 48 hours.   The waiting list for plots can be long, necessitating a short turn-around time to accommodate all applicants in a timely manner.   After viewing the plot the applicant has 48 hours to notify the garden coordinator(s) of their decision to accept or reject it.  Once a plot is accepted, the garden coordinator will hold the plot for the applicant for 7 days to give them time to submit forms and fees.  If the applicant does not submit forms and fees within 7 days, the plot will be offered to others on the waiting list; unless the applicant and the garden coordinator make an arrangement to give the applicant more time to submit materials.  Should the applicant decide not to accept a plot after viewing those that are available; or not submit the forms and fees within the applicable time period, they may request to be placed back on the waiting list, at which time they will be reassigned to the end of the list.


  • Applicant has 48 hours to accept offered plot.
  • Applicant has 7 days to pay fees and submit forms or they will be put at the bottom of the wait list.
  • If the applicant hasn’t responded in 30 days they are removed from the wait list.


When there are no available garden plots, applicants will be placed on the waiting list maintained by the membership coordinator.  The waiting list is maintained year-round.  Garden plots are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis in waiting list order