Bringing gardeners together for over 80 years!

The Greenbelt Community Garden Club (GCGC) has been bringing gardeners together since 1938.  The garden plots were once considered Victory Gardens and have always been a part of the city of Greenbelt. Victory gardens were first promoted in WWI to allow the United States to help feed our starving allies. It was advertised through propaganda posters advocating that civilians “Sow the seeds of victory”.  The movement spread by word of mouth and through numerous civic associations and chambers of commerce. During the beginning of WWII, roughly 15 million families planted victory gardens.  By 1944, an estimated 20 million victory gardens produced roughly 8 million tons of food.  Equivalent of more than 40% of all the fresh fruits and vegetables consumed in the United States. *

The government’s promotion of victory gardens ended with the war, but a renaissance movement has sprouted up in recent years in support of self-sufficiency and eating seasonally to improve health through local, organic farming and sustainable agriculture. GCGC’s mission is to promote gardening in the community. To stimulate, foster and share knowledge of gardening techniques and sustainable practices and to promote a love a gardening among amateurs.

The GCGC oversees the designation and proper stewardship of the garden plots owned by the city of Greenbelt for use by individual citizens and families of Greenbelt.  The plots are for private, not-for-profit use to grow vegetables, fruits, flowers and herbs. 

As gardeners, we are all grateful to the city of Greenbelt and Greenbelt Homes, Inc. (GHI), for providing these plots and water.  Please comply with the rules of the GCGC to ensure future use. 

In compliance with a Memorandum of Understanding with GHI, plots on GHI land may be assigned only to people residing in properties owned by the cooperative.

The GCGC does not act as a sponsor or coordinator for gardening by organized groups.

*(excerpt from: Laura Schum History Newsletter