Greenbelt Community Garden Club By-Laws

Article I. Membership

A. Membership is open to residents of Greenbelt, Md.

B. The membership year begins at the spring annual meeting when garden plots are assigned.

C. A member shall be an individual who has been assigned a garden plot and is current in payment of the annual plot fee.

Article II. Officers

A. The Executive Committee shall be at a minimum president, secretary, treasurer and one garden coordinator from each garden area.

B. The terms of office shall be for three years with no term limits.

C. Vacancies on the Executive Committee shall be filled by appointment by the current officers.

Article III. Meetings

A. Election of the Executive Committee will be held at an annual meeting.

B. The annual membership meeting for election of officers will be held in early spring.

C. Additional membership meetings can be called by the Executive Committee.

Article IV. Committees

A. Committees shall be appointed and or disbanded by the Executive Committee.

B. There may be standing and ad hoc committees and they shall report to the Executive Committee.

Article V. Amendments

A. These bylaws can be amended by a majority vote at the annual meeting.

B. Prospective amendments to the bylaws shall be announced to the membership on the club website and or by notice in the Greenbelt News Review two weeks before the annual meeting.